Kwik Trip Carwash Fundraising Opportunity

Posted by Andover Nordic on Dec 05 2022 at 04:38PM PST

Congratulations Team! We had a successful Betty’s Pies Fundraiser. We were able to raise $650 for the team! Our next fundraiser is the Kwik Trip Ultimate Carwash cards. These cards sell for $32 each. They have 5 ultimate carwashes per card, a $50 value that can be used at any Kwik Trip nation wide! Each card earns the team $16 in profit. If each skier sells 10 cards, our club would earn over $3,200! This money is used for pasta feeds, uniforms and more! We will run this fundraiser until 12/15/2022. Skiers should bring their orderform and money to practice on 12/15/2022.


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