Andover XC Booster Club - Open Positions

Posted by Andover Nordic on Oct 06 2022 at 02:19AM PDT

Good Morning!

As we get ready for a new ski season our Booster club is looking for two parent volunteers who would like to join our board!
We are in need of someone to fill our treasurer position and the fundraising position.

The treasurer is a checks and balances position that verifies our spending and fundraising gets accounted for correctly. As treasurer you would also be responsible for attending the booster club meetings and giving monthly updates on our finances. The treasurer is also responsible for paying any of our website fees and filing taxes (both of these things have already been completed for the year). You do not need to be an accounting wiz to do any of these things. We have documentation on how to complete these tasks and our current treasurer is available to help train you in. The time commitment is approximately 1 hour a week while we are in season. Less in the off season.

The Fundraiser position is just that. You would be responsible for vetting new fundraising opportunities and bringing them to the booster board. You would be responsible for attending the meetings and giving monthly updates on our fundraising efforts. Currently we have some ideas on fundraising opportunities and some old fundraisers we have done in the past.The time commitment for this position is approximately 1 hour a week, 2 hours a week early in the season as we get everything finalized.

Please reach out if you would like more information. Our team grows stronger with every parent volunteer.

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